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Community, Culture, and Science of Barbecue program held at SXSW

The Texas Barbecue program at Texas A&M University, led by meat science educators, Davey Griffin, Ray Riley, and Jeff Savell, was prominently featured at a SXSW panel discussion entitled, “The Community, Culture, and Science of Barbecue” on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. Author and cook Jess Pryles led the panel, which focused on Texas’ rich barbecue culture and techniques, seasonings and cuts that drive the culinary art. The hour-long program was followed by a sampling of brisket and sausage from Southside Market and Barbeque, Elgin and Bastrop, Texas, and time for… Read More →

The Community, Culture, and Science of Barbecue program at SXSW

Critically acclaimed author and cook Jess Pryles will lead a wide-ranging panel discussion entitled, “The Community, Culture, and Science of Barbecue” at SXSW on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. Texas’ rich barbecue culture and the techniques, seasonings and cuts that drive the culinary art will be discussed by Pryles along with meat scientists and pitmasters behind the Texas Barbecue program at Texas A&M University: Jeff Savell, Davey Griffin, and Ray Riley. The hour-long program will begin at 11 AM and will be held at the Rio Grande Ballroom, Courtyard… Read More →

Ninth year of ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue underway

This year marks the ninth year of ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue. The class has had many different prefixes, but the course name has been the same, and the purpose of the class has never wavered: to help freshmen make the difficult transition from high school to college, to know that each week they will learn about Texas Barbecue and will enjoy a great meal, and they will interact with faculty and students who care about their success and will serve as mentors to them during and after the class…. Read More →

Grad, undergrad students provide valuable assistance for ANSC 117

Since the beginning of ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue in 2009, graduate and undergraduate students have provided outstanding leadership to help Ray Riley and me teach this class. We have enjoyed working with these students and watching them progress on their journeys through Texas A&M University. The Texas Barbecue teaching assistants help with the weekly set up of the kettles, smokers, and/or pits, with cooking/smoking/serving meat, and with clean-up and put-away of equipment and utensils. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing each week’s activity, and having… Read More →

Aggies participate in TMBBQ FEST 2016

Faculty and students of the Texas Barbecue program at Texas A&M University participated in the TMBBQ FEST 2016 held at the Long Center in Austin, Texas on Sunday, October 30, 2016. Texas A&M University is a sponsor of the TMBBQ FEST 2016, making it the sixth year for our participation in this event. Faculty members Davey Griffin, Jeff Savell, and John Chivvis were joined by graduate students Adam Murray, Katy Jo Nickelson, and Spencer Tindel, and undergraduate students Carley Armstrong, Madalynn Kainer, Kadden Kothmann, Kenzie Lackey, Kathleen Meredith,… Read More →

Upperclass, graduate students provide leadership for ANSC 117

The purpose of ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue is to help freshmen learn about and enjoy some great food each Friday, make new friends and find lifelong mentors, and have a nurturing place to be at the end of a busy and stressful week. This is greatly enhanced by the graduate students, seniors, and juniors who provide leadership for the class each year. There is no way that Ray Riley or I could teach this class without these wonderful students. The Texas Barbecue teaching assistants provide assistance with the weekly… Read More →

Savell writes foreword for Robb Walsh’s new edition of “Legends of Texas Barbecue”

What a great honor it was when Robb Walsh asked me to write the foreword to the latest edition of the “Legends of Texas Barbecue!” Buying Robb’s book in the mid-2000s and meeting Robb later in the decade set in motion so many activities from the establishment of ANSC 117, “Texas Barbecue,” help with founding Foodways Texas, and hosting the wildly popular Barbecue Summer Camp and Camp Brisket at Texas A&M University. My love of barbecue before all of this was centered mostly on eating it, but I… Read More →

Texas Barbecue at the head of the class | MEAT+POULTRY

Note: Thanks for Bob Sims at Meat + Poultry magazine for the wonderful article Sometime in the mid-2000s, Jeff Savell began to leaf through the only book at a Harry and David’s while he and his wife, Jackie, were shopping. The book, “Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook,” by Robb Walsh, interested Savell and he bought it. “I read through it and enjoyed the recipes, as well as the stories that Robb wrote,” Savell says. “I didn’t think anything about it, put it on a shelf and kind of… Read More →

Goodbye to Snazzy Seniors!

The last class in ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue this semester was a time to say goodbye to four very important people, this year’s Snazzy Seniors — Jennifer Willis, Katy Jo Nickelson, Stephanie Lastovica, and Marc Vogelsang. These four students have been involved with the Texas Barbecue class since they first took it as freshmen and then as teaching assistants as Super Sophomores and Jazzy Juniors before their senior year. We know of no other opportunity for students to have a four-year college experience such as this, and we… Read More →

Whole pig cookery last class in ANSC 117

The 2015 version of the ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue class came to the end on December 4th with the traditional whole pig cookery at our home. We roasted the pig in the cinder-block pit in our backyard. We purchased a 75-pound pig to roast, and it was injected with about a 20% by weight brine solution (salt, sugar, and water) overnight before cooking the next day. The pig was put in the cinder-block pit around 7:00 AM and was cooked until 4:30 PM before it was pulled out… Read More →