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Turkey frying in ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue

By Kathleen Meredith The dropping temperature and leaves changing color mean that the holidays are right around the corner. Dr. Davey Griffin and Ray Riley prepared smoked, rotisserie and fried turkeys for ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue on November 20, 2015 in the spirit of the approaching Thanksgiving holiday. Frying turkeys A trick to ensuring the right amount of oil is used when frying a turkey is to place the bird into the pan and use water to identify a maximum level. Once a marker is set, the bird… Read More →

World Champion Chuck Wagon competitor visits Texas A&M University

Homer Robertson from Granbury, Texas and multiple World Champion Chuck Wagon competition winner, brought his chuck wagon to Texas A&M University on Friday and Saturday, November 13 to 14, 2015. The purpose of Mr. Robertson’s visit was to demonstrate chuck wagon cooking to the ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue class and to feed faculty and students who came by during the two days. The Meat Science Section faculty and students were feed beef tips, bread, and bread pudding for lunch on Friday, and the Meat Judging Team was fed… Read More →

Brazilian barbecue day in ANSC 117

One of the most popular days in ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue is when Dr. Flavio Ribeiro comes to prepare Brazilian barbecue for the class. Dr. Ribeiro, a native of Brazil, is one of our formers students and is a faculty member at Prairie View A&M University. Everyone enjoys his lecture about Brazil and its culture and the great food he prepares each time he comes. Here are summaries of the Brazilian classes in 2014 and 2013. Brazilian barbecue is all about the meat, how it is cooked over… Read More →

Beef tri-tips prepared for Texas Barbecue class

Each year in ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue, we spend one class discussing cuts of beef other than the brisket that can be used for smoking/barbecuing. Since we have had Crystal Waters, a native of California and a Ph.D. student with us in our program, we have featured beef tri-tips and let her help prepare them and talk about the importance of tri-tips for folks in California. Crystal told the class how tri-tips became so popular in California because of their ease of preparation and how great they are… Read More →

Slicing briskets in ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue

This was brisket week in ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue, and the emphasis was placed on teaching students about the anatomy of a brisket and how to slice them. Brisket terms such as point and flats and moist and lean were discussed, and students were shown about the proper use of large slicing knives to cut the briskets. The briskets were cooked overnight on an offset pit and were brought up to the Rosenthal Meat Center for class. Back in my happy place at #TAMUBBQ @AgRiley79 @jsavell @tamudgriff… Read More →

Chicken week in ANSC 117 Texas Barbecue

This week’s ANSC 117 Texas Barbecue class focused on chicken. Chicken is one of the easiest meats to cook, and careful attention to preparation and cooking will result in a great eating experience. Ray Riley led the class discussion and covered the different types of preparation most commonly used when barbecuing chicken. Ray recommended purchasing whole fryers, which are versatile in how they can be prepared. He showed how to take a whole fryer and convert it to a butterflied chicken by removing the backbone and breast bone… Read More →

Seventh year of ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue, underway

2015 marks the seventh year of ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue. The class has had many different prefixes, but the course name has been the same, and the purpose of the class has never wavered: to help freshmen make the difficult transition from high school to college, to know that each week they will learn about Texas Barbecue and will enjoy a great meal, and they will interact with faculty and students who care about their success and will serve as mentors to them during and after the class…. Read More →

Upperclass students provide leadership in ANSC 117

Two groups of students who provide outstanding leadership each year for the ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue class are the Jazzy Juniors and the Snazzy Seniors. These nicknames have been carried on over the years after the first group of Super Sophomores stayed on to continue to help out with the class, and some catchy names had to be devised to differentiate the three distinct groups. The 2015 Super Sophomores were introduced on the first day of ANSC 117 and received their Texas Barbecue polos. Introductions also were made… Read More →

ANSC 117 class adds Super Sophomores

The seventh year of ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue, kicked off on Friday, September 4, 2015 for new class of 27 freshmen. As has been the tradition since the second year of this class, a group of students who took the class as freshmen return to help as teaching assistants working in set up, cooking, and clean up, but most importantly, as valuable mentors to this year’s freshmen regarding making it at Texas A&M University. The Super Sophomores this year are Carley Armstrong, Colton Bausch, Abby Chrz, Terrica Green,… Read More →

BBQ 101 with The Professor of Meat Science | the CAMBRO blog

Note: Wonderful article from the folks at Cambro. JWS Summer is upon us and BBQ season is here. However, in Texas, BBQ’ing is a year-round activity because the weather is always ‘hot or damned hot,’ as Jeff Savell explains. Despite his title (University Distinguished Professor, Meat Science and EM “Manny” Rosenthal Chair in Animal Science, Texas A&M) and the impressive 2 page-long list of accolades and awards in his field, Dr. Savell (yes, he has a PhD in Animal Science!) humbly insisted he be simply addressed, as Jeff. So what,… Read More →