ANSC 117 Texas Barbecue lectures for 2019

Whole hog cookery in ANSC 117

Whole hog cookery in ANSC 117

Ray Riley, Brogan Horton, and I are happy to be working with this year’s ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue class. Here is the list of the lectures for this fall:

ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue, lectures for 2019

August 30Introduction, expectations, brief history of barbecue, food safety overview
September 6Cooking methodology: pits, kettles, water smokers, barrel smokers
September 13Types of fuel (charcoal briquettes, charcoal chunks, wood coals) and smoke (hickory, oak, pecan, mesquite)
September 20Adding flavoring: seasonings, marinades, rubs, sauces
September 27Pork: Southeastern-style pulled pork, Hawaiian-inspired pork loin
October 4Ribs, ribs, ribs: baby back versus St. Louis-style; Memphis-style (dry) versus Kansas City-style (wet); Asian-inspired rubs and sauces
October 11Chicken: smoking, cooking by rotisserie; whole or pieces
October 18Barbecuing lamb and goat
October 25Cooking beef South American style: Brazil and Argentina
November 1Thanksgiving Turkey: brining recipes; smoking, frying, cooking by rotisserie
November 8Briskets: To wrap or not to wrap, that is the question!
November 15Smoking other cuts of beef: shoulder clods, sirloins, ribeyes, and tenderloins/Homer Robertson Chuck Wagon cooking
November 22Cooking whole pigs: Hawaiian, Cuban, Cajun
December 2Course wrap up



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