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ANSC 117 2018: Brazilian barbecue

One of the most popular topics each year in ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue, is Brazilian barbecue. Dr. Flavio Ribeiro, Research Scientist, Animal Systems, College of Agriculture and Human Sciences, Prairie View A&M University, once again led the class. Flavio is a native of Brazil, and he enjoys teaching others about the culture of Brazilian barbecue through his lectures and his demonstrations of this great style of cooking. We are thankful that the came to class again this year. Flavio begins the class with a lecture on Brazil, its… Read More →

Brazilian barbecue day in ANSC 117

One of the most popular days in ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue is when Dr. Flavio Ribeiro comes to prepare Brazilian barbecue for the class. Dr. Ribeiro, a native of Brazil, is one of our formers students and is a faculty member at Prairie View A&M University. Everyone enjoys his lecture about Brazil and its culture and the great food he prepares each time he comes. Here are summaries of the Brazilian classes in 2014 and 2013. Brazilian barbecue is all about the meat, how it is cooked over… Read More →

ANSC 117 Brazilian barbecue, 2014 version

Once again, Dr. Flavio Ribeiro, a native of Brazil, a former graduate student in the Department of Animal Science, and current faculty member at Prairie View A&M University, came to ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue to teach the students something about Brazil and the very popular Brazilian style of barbecue. The Brazilian barbecue class always is a hit with our students, and wonderful beef was served to all. The Brazilian style of cooking is very simple: meat, coarse sea salt, and fire/smoke. As usual, pictures are better than words,… Read More →

Brazilian barbecue day in Texas Barbecue

Today in Texas Barbecue, Dr. Flavio Ribeiro, a native of Brazil, former student at Texas A&M University, and a frequent teacher of Brazilian barbecue, shared his knowledge with the class. This lecture is one of the most loved ones we have in the class, and, as usual, Flavio was a hit. Here is the cinder-block pit Flavio assembled to cook with. We have a stack of cinder blocks that we use to make various cooking/rotisserie pits. Flavio cooked his usual “picanha” along with some lamb sirloins, flank steaks,… Read More →