Brazilian barbecue day in Texas Barbecue

Today in Texas Barbecue, Dr. Flavio Ribeiro, a native of Brazil, former student at Texas A&M University, and a frequent teacher of Brazilian barbecue, shared his knowledge with the class. This lecture is one of the most loved ones we have in the class, and, as usual, Flavio was a hit.

Here is the cinder-block pit Flavio assembled to cook with. We have a stack of cinder blocks that we use to make various cooking/rotisserie pits.

Flavio cooked his usual “picanha” along with some lamb sirloins, flank steaks, and flap meat. ┬áHere are some photos of the meat on the skewers and on the pit.

Here are photos of Flavio cooking and serving the finished products to the students. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Brazilian barbecue, and we thank Flavio for once again being here to discuss the background of Brazil and to show the students how easy it is to prepare with meat, coarse sea salt, and fire.

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