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Savell writes foreword for Robb Walsh’s new edition of “Legends of Texas Barbecue”

What a great honor it was when Robb Walsh asked me to write the foreword to the latest edition of the “Legends of Texas Barbecue!” Buying Robb’s book in the mid-2000s and meeting Robb later in the decade set in motion so many activities from the establishment of ANSC 117, “Texas Barbecue,” help with founding Foodways Texas, and hosting the wildly popular Barbecue Summer Camp and Camp Brisket at Texas A&M University. My love of barbecue before all of this was centered mostly on eating it, but I… Read More →

A conversation with … Dr. Jeffrey Savell, Cooking Up Culture – San Antonio Express-News

By Burt Henry, San Antonio Express-News April 24, 2014 SAN ANTONIO — Jeffrey Savell, Ph.D., has made Texas barbecue a science, so much so that Texas A&M University lets him teach a class in it. Officially known as “ANSC 117: Texas Barbecue,” Savell’s study in BBQology is a one-hour class only offered to freshmen on Friday afternoons in the fall. Just bring your taste buds and your textbook: “Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook,” by Robb Walsh. Course topics include everything from seasonings, marinades and rubs to “Briskets: To wrap… Read More →

Robb Walsh guest lectures in Texas Barbecue

Robb Walsh, food editor/restaurant critic of the Houstonia Magazine, guest lectured today in ANSC 289 Texas Barbecue. This is the fifth year that Walsh has lectured in the class, and his great book, “Legends of Texas Barbecue,” (Amazon.com link) is the inspiration for the course and the textbook we have used since the beginning. Walsh visited with the students about the role of the Central Texas German Meat Markets and their smoked meats as the basis for what we think today about Texas Barbecue and how briskets became the… Read More →