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Three ways to prepare turkeys for Thanksgiving

In Texas Barbecue, one of our lectures is on three methods of preparing Turkeys: by smoking, by rotisserie, and by frying. We have this lecture leading up to Thanksgiving so that the students can learn something about these methods of preparation and can share these with their families during the holidays. We purchased four turkeys around the 10-pound range. The turkeys were frozen when we purchased them, and we placed them in a refrigerated cooler for about four days to allow them to thaw. All four were brined… Read More →

Lamb and goat barbecue

Lamb and goat are not high-volume meat products in the U.S., and they are most commonly consumed by various ethnic groups where tradition and culture drive the preferences for them. Although both lamb and goat may be used in Texas Barbecue, lamb may be most often used in West Texas, and goat, especially cabrito, would be prepared most often in South Texas. For class, we prepared lamb and goat three different ways: spit-roasted goat, crown rack of lamb, and rotisserie-roasted rosemary lamb leg. The spit-roasted goat was placed… Read More →