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ANSC 117 2018: Ribs, ribs, ribs!

There is no question, when we have the “Ribs, ribs, ribs” class in ANSC 117, Texas Barbecue, the students have a great time enjoying the wonderful beef and pork ribs prepared for them. Each year, Davey Griffin helps out with this class by cooking the beef ribs on his pit. Beef and pork ribs The three beef ribs demonstrated this week were beef chuck short ribs, beef plate short ribs, and beef back ribs. The beef chuck ribs are sometimes referred to as “four ribs” and the beef… Read More →

Beef Ribs: BBQs Next Big Deal | Houstonia Magazine

Robb Walsh is right, beef ribs are both wonderful and taking the Texas Barbecue scene by storm. Read his great story about them in the Houstonia Magazine. ¬†JWS. Published Sep 19, 2013, 10:24am By Robb Walsh Don’t miss the beef ribs at Killen’s BBQ pop-up in Pearland this weekend. Beef ribs are getting more popular among the barbecue cognescenti, and Ronnie Killen is doing amazing things with these underappreciated cuts. It’s all about the flavor: a well-cooked beef rib is just as succulent as a perfectly cooked brisket,… Read More →