Next Camp Brisket scheduled for January 8-9, 2016

Trimming briskets for Camp Brisket

Trimming briskets for Camp Brisket

The next Camp Brisket, sponsored by Foodways Texas and the Meat Science Section of the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University, is scheduled for January 8-9, 2016. Camp Brisket is a two-day program that concentrates solely on that quintessential part of Texas Barbecue, the brisket, and the challenges faced with proper selection, trimming, seasoning, smoking, and serving. Camp Brisket is held on the campus of Texas A&M University at the Rosenthal Meat Center and the O.D. Butler Animal Science Complex.

Registration for Camp Brisket will be available on the Foodways Texas website ( sometime in August, 2015.

Overnight smoking at Camp Brisket

Overnight smoking at Camp Brisket

Ryan Zboril from Pitt's and Spitt's speaking on pit design

Ryan Zboril from Pitt’s and Spitt’s speaking on pit design

Aaron Franklin on pitmaster panel

Aaron Franklin on pitmaster panel

Panel and participants at Camp Brisket

Panel and participants at Camp Brisket

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