Texas Barbecue says goodbye to Snazzy Seniors

Ray Riley, Michael Berto, Jenny Bohac, Tyler Rosser,  Chloe Geye, and Jeff Savell

Ray Riley, Michael Berto, Jenny Bohac, Tyler Rosser, Chloe Geye, and Jeff Savell

The first Texas Barbecue class for freshmen was held in the fall of 2009, and with the second class in 2010, we began having a few students who had been in the previous class help out with the current class. Four students from the 2010 class, Jenny Bohac, Tyler Rosser, Taylor Adcock, and Chloe Geye, decided that they wanted to serve as assistants in the 2011 class, and we called them “Super Sophomores.” At the end of the 2011, Ray Riley and I said goodbye to Jenny, Tyler, Taylor, and Chloe, expecting that was the end of their time with us. They looked at us and said, “can’t we come back next year?” Ray and I said yes and that was the beginning of a new group of assistants, “Jazzy Juniors.”

Jenny, Tyler, Taylor, and Chloe served as “Jazzy Juniors” for 2012, and as you would expect, they wanted to come back for their senior year to help once again. The new group was named, “Snazzy Seniors,” and for the first time, we had students that would be with us for all four years of their college career either as students or as assistants.

Taylor had a schedule conflict this year so she could not serve as an assistant again, but we picked up Michael Berto, who also was a senior and who would be beginning graduate school in Meat Science in the Department of Animal Science in the Spring 2014. Michael will be helping with Texas Barbecue in the Fall 2014.

Ray and I say thanks to these students for the years of service they have given to Texas Barbecue. They have been a major part of the reason for the success of this class, and we wish them well as they finish their undergraduate studies here at Texas A&M University.

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