Aggies participate in Texas Monthly BBQ Festival, 2013 edition

Aggies at Texas Monthly BBQ Festival, 2013

Davey Griffin, Ray Riley, Michael Berto, Clay Eastwood, Kaitlyn Porter, Chloe Geye, and Jeff Savell at Texas Monthly BBQ Festival, 2013

For the third year in a row, Texas A&M University and its BBQ Genius Counter participated in the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival in Austin. Faculty and students from the Department of Animal Science, Jeff Savell, Davey Griffin, Ray Riley, Clay Eastwood, Chloe Geye, Kaitlyn Porter, and Michael Berto, were at the festival working at the Texas A&M University booth, visiting pitmasters, giving tips to backyard barbecue enthusiasts, and sampling great barbecue from the top places around the state. Thanks to John Chivvis for preparing and setting up the booth and being a part of our team. Thanks also to Diane McDonald, Executive Director of Marketing & Social Media, for her support of the Texas Barbecue activities here at Texas A&M University.

Below is a sample of some of the photos we took at the event.

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