UGST 181: Pulled pork

This week in UGST 181 Texas Barbecue, we had pork week and prepared pulled pork. We have prepared pork loins in previous weeks to demonstrate seasonings and cooking methods so we just concentrated on cooking pork shoulders for pulled pork.

We rubbed Boston butts with the Rosenthal Meat Center special seasoning and cooked them on the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.  The smoker temperature ran between 200 and 250°F, and the target internal temperature was 190°F. Once the Boston butts were done, they were removed from the smoker and rested for about 30 minutes. The fun began when the Freshman began to pull the pork.  There were four Boston butts and we used eight Freshman to pull the pork.

Here are some photos of today’s exercise. Everyone enjoyed the pulled pork.

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